Soulmates, reunited in Phoenix

Where did the weekend go?  Seriously.  I distinctly recalled my jubilation at last Friday’s arrival only to have that emotion eclipsed by euphoria at my soulmate’s arrival not but a few hours later.  We had only a few activities planned and a whole lot catching up to do. Cheers to the beginning of an incredible…


How I saved $10,000 in five months

If I’m being honest, it wasn’t loneliness, sickness or danger that I feared most when I made my decision to travel long-term, it was fear that I would end up penniless somewhere with the United States Department of Education bounty hunters after me to collect on their student loan payments.  Okay, so I’m pretty sure…


Is long term travel selfish?

“You’re leaving me.” An accusation I heard frequently following my announcement to abandon convention and travel for an undetermined amount of time.  To them, I wasn’t just drifting away as one does throughout the course of life, I was selfishly ripping myself away from the lives we shared.


A quiet evening in

After a particularly action packed day of hiking and tubing starting at the ungodly hour of four a.m. (more on that later), it was really nice to come home yesterday and just be.


First time stand-up paddle boarding: I didn’t fall!

When my sister asked if I would be interested in stand-up paddle boarding during my time in Arizona, I said yes without question.  I love the water and am always game for any activity that brings me on it, near it or in it.  This explains why I repeatedly attempt water skiing despite painful face…


Apple Maps & Yelp Fails: A Day of Misadventures

Before I get to posting about my first time stand-up paddle boarding or to that other romp around Phoenix that landed me at the best popsicle place ever, I have to talk about today’s misadventures. Pre-planning is important.  If you’re working within the parameters of strict time constraints and limited flexibility, there is not much…


Independence Day at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess

Independence Day plans sort of fell in my lap this year.  Oh how I wish all planning could be that simple! What with arranging my departure, selling off all my stuff and closing up shop on my life in San Jose, I hadn’t given much thought to what my family and I would do to…


I moved back home… sort of

If someone had told me that I would ever again move back in with my family, I would have told them to put the peace pipe down and entertain someone else with their absurdities.  Or maybe I would have asked them to pass it.  Clearly it was good stuff. Millennial adult-child moves back in with…